I literally don’t think you could join a better site then this one called POVDPorn.com. It’s really fucking awesome because it’s one of the highest quality sites I have ever seen and it’s filmed in such a different way. I say all that but I would join a site that had all Serena Torres content in it, that doesn’t exist though. So for now we have to pick and choose the full videos we want to watch and you definitely want to see this one. The angle that this is shot at is like a true first person. I imagine this guy having a camera strapped to his head or something, but it’s super super still unlike some of these “go pro” porn sites you see. Then on top of just how cool the site is you get to see Serena giving a nuru massage! She is all oiled up using that petite Latin body of hers on this guy, I imagine he is in total bliss. You can imagine you’re this guy too POVD allows you to do that so much more then any other site.

Join POVD Porn

Join POVD Porn

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