College Rules

I can spot Serena Torres just about anywhere! So when I saw this new scene from College Rules I knew exactly who it was. If that tattoo’s don’t give her away that sexy ass face and body of hers does every time. This might be the worse job of trying to make a “real porn” I have ever seen. I will go with it here though and tell you about it. The scene for College Rules is that Serena here and her friend are trying to get some booze, they’re in college after all. When the clerk asks for I.D. he finds out that they’re two months away from 21 so they cannot buy anything. Well Serena and her friend are not taking no for a answer in fact they’re willing to fuck this clerk, giving him a threesome with to college girls and on top of that they’ll pay for the booze! If you want to check out more from this site just head over to they have a ton of video from this pretty awesome college porn site.

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